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Bariloche is the starting point of the Provincial Forestry Program

To continue implementing the Provincial Forestry Program, the Minister of Government and Community of Rio Negro, Mariano Ferrari; the Secretary of Strategic Development, Mercedes Ibero met yesterday in Bariloche to define the first lines of action in the Andean city. They met with other representatives of different organizations, representatives of the Forestry Area, authorities of the Bariloche Foundation and specialists from INTA and UNRN,

Fecha: 26 de agosto de 2023
The development of the program begins in BarilocheCrédito: Government of Río Negro

" The Secretariat of Planning has been working for several months with other organizations, academic institutions, and specialized entities on a reforestation program that favors the reduction of the carbon footprint and the mitigation of the effects of climate change throughout the territory," explained Secretary Mercedes Ibero.

After analyzing the local forestry situation, the representatives began to draw up a specific plan for reforestation in Bariloche. This included identifying the ideal areas and species, analyzing the municipal regulations in force, and outlining those necessary to cover the compensation, designing an application, and establishing incentive criteria for the population that commits to the initiative.

"Río Negro is a green province, committed to the problem of climate change and aims to incorporate this variable in the planning of the State", said the official.  She assured that "from this management project, which will take its first steps in Bariloche, and based on the joint work with schools, neighborhood councils, companies as well as institutions, the Government will try to establish a course of action."

"Governor Arabela Carreras remarked that, given the failure to continue planning public policies without understanding the current and future environmental and climatic context, the State must play a central role in the intervention and participation in the situation of the existing forests and in the generation of new forestation," explained Ibero.

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