Gobierno de rio negro


Consulting firm Grupo Siei SRL presented this week the master plan for the development of the Industrial Park in Los Menucos. The engineering company in charge of the project developed the proposal, which was financed by the Federal Investment Council.
To promote among young people the exchange of experiences related to the management of public policies, innovation, and productive development, as well as the promotion of knowledge and the stimulation of skills to build a federal community of leaders, the Provincial Integration Workshops were held in the Alto Valle.
In a plenary meeting yesterday in the Legislature, a favourable vote was given to the bill approving the agreements entered into by and between Eólica Rionegrina SA and Argentina Fortescue Future Industries SA, with the aim of setting up a wind farm in Cerro Policía.
Governor Arabela Carreras sent to the Provincial Legislature the law bill with Ministers' Agreement that aims to approve the agreement entered into between Eólica Rionegrina SA (ERSA) and Fortescue Future Industries with the objective of moving forward with the installation of a wind farm in Cerro Policía, within the framework of the Green Hydrogen Strategic Plan.
In the framework of the 61st Ordinary Assembly of the Federal Investment Council (CFI) yesterday, Río Negro presented the projects financed by the national organism through the provincial Planning Secretariat.
Governor Arabela Carreras attended the Patagonian Regional Meeting in Ushuaia, together with her elected peers from the provinces of southern Argentina and the highest authorities of the Federal Investment Council (CFI) and the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME).
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