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Bariloche, a year away from the election as venue for Expo 2027

San Carlos de Bariloche is the city that Argentina has elected to be the venue for the International Specialized Exposition 2027. Based on the meeting between nature and technology, Patagonia proposes the creation of "a new beginning" that guarantees the quality of life of a growing world population by taking care of biodiversity and the environment, promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

Fecha: 25 de junio de 2022
San Carlos de Bariloche Crédito: Marcos Aramburu/Government of Rio Negro

This is one of the most relevant events in the world, and given its importance, the organization requires multiple logistical efforts, in synergy with careful coordination.

Expo 2027 in Bariloche, Río Negro, in the heart of Argentine Patagonia, would represent an unprecedented meeting for Latin America, as the region has never organized one before.

The election of the venue will take place in June 2023. One of the five cities nominated, Bariloche (Argentina), Belgrade (Serbia), Phuket (Thailand), Minnesota (United States) and Malaga (Spain), will be the one with the most votes among the member countries of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), an intergovernmental organization in charge of supervising and regulating universal expositions since 1931.

Over the years, the Expo has become the world's largest meeting place, bringing together countries, the private sector, civil society and the general public to find common solutions to the fundamental challenges that face humanity.

By means of learning processes for the public, it promotes development and encourages cooperation, key objectives to be achieved by setting up stands where countries exhibit technological innovations, cultural performances, live shows, seminars and talks related to the topic of the edition; in the case of Rio Negro, nature and technology, for a new beginning of humanity.

Since the first Universal Exposition, in London in 1951, the BIE has organized 70 world and specialized events in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania, so the selection of Bariloche for Expo 2027 would be an outstanding opportunity for the country and the whole region.

Today, the BIE has 170 member states and its main mission is to monitor and guarantee the quality of the Expo, and to protect the rights of its organizers and participants. More than 50 have been carried out by this organization and each year it receives new member states.

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