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Master of Engineering students from the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in The Netherlands worked for two months in Argentina and presented their research about the potential for port development of the Free Trade Zone and the export of Green Hydrogen.
As part of the official program of the Government of Río Negro "Trabajo Más Futuro", this Tuesday, March 29, the enrollment for the first Professional Training Course for Waiters and Waitresses will start in the city of Sierra Grande.
On March 23, the province of Río Negro carried out the first international promotional action of Bariloche's candidature to host the Specialized World Expo 2027. The event took place in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and venue of Expo 2020.
Daniel Sanguinetti, Secretary of State for Planning of Río Negro, and Lucas Gioja, member of the Argentine Chancellery, held a meeting on Tuesday 22 with Dimitri Kerkentzes, General Secretary and head of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in Dubai. The aim of the meeting is to promote the Specialized Expo Bariloche 2027. Bariloche is a candidate because of a coordinated work between the National Government, the Province and the city´s government.
The Minister of Labor, Jorge Stopiello, emphasized the agreements of cooperation and training that the Provincial Government executed last week, considering that "they mean a significant improvement in the field of labor training".
In the context of the Universal Expo taking place in Dubai, during the Water Week, the Executive Manager of the Investment promotion Agency “Rio Negro Invierte”, Gonzalo Medina Cabrera, presented the Strategic Plan for the production of Green Hydrogen in Rio Negro, the only province in Argentina with a multinational investment already committed in the province.
The Governor, Arabela Carreras, and the country´s Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Claudio Moroni, entered into two cooperation and training agreements within the context of the implementation of the plan to obtain Green Hydrogen in Río Negro.
Roxana Fernandez, legislator, highlighted the improvements that Rio Negro makes in the project to produce Green Hydrogen, especially enhancing the Free Trade Zone in Sierra Grande.
The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Río Negro (IDERN, in spanish), part of the State Secretariat of Planning, began training in technology and the use of computer tools for the management and processing of geo-referenced information. The training is financed by the Federal Investment Council.