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Last Friday, the second provincial panel was held as part of the Federal Training Program “Management for Development: Infrastructure and Logistics,” organized by the Secretariat of State for Planning of the province, and the Federal Investment Council (CFI, in Spanish).
A new training course for waiters and waitresses was presented this Monday in San Antonio Oeste by the Ministry of Labor of Río Negro as part of the Más Futuro (More Future) program.
As part of the institutional context, the Secretary of State for Planning, Daniel Sanguinetti, met yesterday with the Rector of the Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro (UNRN, in Spanish), Anselmo Torres, to advance in the establishment of the Green Hydrogen Institute of Rio Negro.
The Minister of Labor of Río Negro, Jorge Stopiello, considered that the projects approved this Wednesday on Green Hydrogen, represent the beginning of a transformation in the regional productive matrix, and at the same time he considered that this is a significant day.
The Governor, Arabela Carreras, highlighted the unanimous vote of the entire Legislature of Río Negro in the approval of two important laws for the development of the Green Hydrogen project in the province.
This morning, the Secretary of State for Planning, Daniel Sanguinetti, presented to the plenary of commissions in the Legislature, the main outlines of the provincial Green Hydrogen Production Project, in the context of the declaration of provincial public interest of the initiative presented by the company Fortescue Future Industries.
This morning, Governor Arabela Carreras attended a presentation by economist Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and external advisor to the Economic and Social Council.
As part of the green hydrogen training courses carried out by the Ministry of Labor of Río Negro by means of the Más Futuro program, a course for waiters and waitresses will be in San Antonio Oeste.
Many people attended the training for waiters and waitresses, which took place in the city of Sierra Grande. About thirty people of different ages attended this training organized by the Ministry of Labor of Río Negro with the support of the Unión de Trabajadores Hoteleros y Gastronómicos (UTHGRA, in spanish) Atlantic Zone.