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As part of the Green Hydrogen 2022 Global Assembly and Exhibition, Rio Negro held today a key meeting to consolidate the investments planned to allow the production of this clean energy in the province.
The Governor, Arabela Carreras, was invited to a bilateral meeting by the president of the Green Hydrogen Organization, Malcom Turnbull, also a member of H2V 2022 Global Assembly and Exhibition, where she presented her views on the world scenario, climate change and how the production of green hydrogen is a transformative energy to combat global warming.
World leaders and referents of the sector will attend the Green Hydrogen 2022 Global Assembly and Exhibition to be held this week in Barcelona, where Governor Arabela Carreras will present the Provincial Strategic Plan on Clean Energy.
The Governor of Río Negro, Arabela Carreras, will present in Barcelona the Provincial Strategic Plan on Clean Energies from the production and use of Green Hydrogen, with the aim of reducing and mitigating the climate change that affects the world.
The repaving of roads 6 and 8 is getting closer to become a reality, improving the connection between the Alto Valle and the Southern Region. The pavement works will extend for 185 kilometers, in a central road for the province from the social and economic point of view, which will also strengthen the possibilities of the Green Hydrogen production project.
In representation of the Province, the director of the “Rio Negro Invierte” Agency, Gonzalo Medina Cabrera, attended the Interministerial Meeting on Hydrogen at Casa Rosada, to plan the improvements for the promotion of hydrogen in Argentina.
Students and teachers of CET 12, from Sierra Grande, participated in the training day developed by 4th year students of the Superior Cycle of CET 21, from Catriel, on the generation and use of Green Hydrogen.
The Ministry of Labor of Río Negro together with the Employment and Training area organized the third professional training course for waiters and waitresses in Los Menucos.
The Minister of Education and Human Rights, Mercedes Jara Tracchia, and her National counterpart, Jaime Perczyk, executed today the agreements for the construction of an Educational Center in Sierra Grande with the purpose of promoting the development of renewable energies and another one to implement and establish secondary professional education.