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Islote Lobos National Park, in San Matías Gulf, has recently become the second of its kind in the province and the 40th in the country.
The General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) will be held from June 20 to 23 in Paris, where Argentina will present the candidacy of San Carlos de Bariloche to host the Specialized Expo 2027.
Governor Arabela Carreras led today in Valcheta a meeting with the heads of municipalities of the province with the aim of sharing and discussing the project for the production and development of Green Hydrogen, and the setting up of a production plant in the area of Sierra Grande.
Mayors of the province will meet next Tuesday 14 in Valcheta to learn about and discuss public policies related to Green Hydrogen. They will arrive to the city invited by Governor Arabela Carreras.
After the announcement of the investment to build the first Green Hydrogen production plant in Río Negro, the Provincial Government proposed to bring to the community to debate and raise awareness about the use of clean energies to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Governor Arabela Carreras and the Dean of the National University of Río Negro (UNRN, in spanish), Anselmo Torres, entered into a cooperation agreement today for the setting up of the Green Hydrogen Institute in Río Negro and the granting of a university diploma on climate change, energy transition and green hydrogen, at the University of Río Negro.
Governor Arabela Carreras, Chancellor Santiago Cafiero and the Mayor of Bariloche, Gustavo Gennuso, presented today the city's candidacy to host the Specialized Expo 2027.
During the National Hydrogen 2030 Meeting, which took place a few days ago in Bariloche, the Province showed the first electric car they bought in order to explain how it works and promote the energy policy that Río Negro is carrying out.
Governor Arabela Carreras met with the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro, to review new projects for Río Negro, as part of the Federal Development Plan. During the meeting, the Governor also mentioned the importance of advancing in a National Hydrogen Law.