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Labor started hotel and gastronomy training in Bariloche

The Minister of Labor of Río Negro, Jorge Stopiello, headed this Wednesday in Bariloche the act of opening the training courses in hotel and gastronomy carried out by the labor ministry within the framework of the program "Trabajo Más Futuro"

Fecha: 21 de junio de 2023
The trainings are part of the program "Más Futuro"Crédito: Government of Río Negro

The training, carried out jointly with the UTHGRA union, consists of training in trades such as housekeeping, basic cooking, pastry making and waiters and waitresses.

Minister Stopiello attended the presentation together with the gastronomic leader Ovidio Zúñiga and UTHGRA's Training Secretary, Fabián Crespo. The Under Secretary of Labor Relations, Yanina Sánchez, and the Secretary of Employment and Training, Francisco Pereda, were also with the Minister.

The Ministry of Labor, through the Programa Trabajo - Más Futuro, carries out this training cycle jointly within the framework of the Green Hydrogen Strategic Plan, promoted by the Government of the Province of Río Negro, and the Unión de Trabajadores del Turismo, Hoteleros y Gastronómicos de la República Argentina Seccional Bariloche.

The proposals are focused on these areas, with the aim of having a greater number of people trained to work in the high season of tourism that is approaching and generates great expectations in the province.

Stopiello emphasized the strategic importance of training, "which results in qualified staff and better services for tourism."

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