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Successful anniversary edition of the webinar series Hydrogen Thursdays

A successful anniversary edition of the webinar series Hydrogen Thursdays had presentations by the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization, Alfonso Blanco Bonilla, and the Secretary of Knowledge for Development of the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs of the National Government, Rodrigo Rodriguez Tornquist.

Fecha: 24 de junio de 2022
Successful webinar series of Hydrogen ThursdaysCrédito: Government of Río Negro

The forum, organized by the State Secretariat of Planning, aims to promote expert presentations on green hydrogen and its multiple derivations since 2021.

This time Alfonso Blanco Bonilla presented a specific analysis of the energy situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, assuring that it is the "greenest and most renewable region of the planet". He said that these characteristics give hydrogen a considerable potential for development, and that it is necessary to work for this development to reach the local economies.

He emphasized the "enviable" resources that our region has, and assured that by the year 2021 there is a global hydrogen market that is supplied by fossil fuels, and that there is a basic demand that motivates the development of production.

"Hydrogen is a great opportunity for the development of our countries because of the advantages we have over the rest of the world.  Latin America is consolidating as one of the most sustainable regions of the planet with respect to energy and this is a great advantage," he stated.

On the other hand, Rodriguez Tornquist, addressed the guidelines of the national hydrogen 2030 strategy, and assured that the Latin American region is characterized worldwide as a "region of peace", which refers to a comparative advantage and a great opportunity "as long as clear rules of the game are established that give certainty to investments". He added that dialogue and agreement are key factors for this.

He emphasized that wind, solar and water resources, as well as scientific and technological resources, among other factors, are considerable advantages that demand a long-term perspective and planning "we are promoting a social and political dialogue to achieve a transcendental public policy".

The meeting was broadcast live on the YouTube channel and was moderated by the Secretary of Strategic Development of the State Secretariat of Planning, Mercedes Ibero, who thanked the specialists and the people who followed the event from different parts of the province, the country and abroad.

She highlighted the success of the webinar series over the 28 editions and assured that it is due to the high quality of the speakers and to the decision of the Governor, who designed the format with the purpose of bringing the experts' viewpoint closer to society.

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