Gobierno de rio negro
Green Hydrogen

Mayors will discuss the progress of the Green Hydrogen Plan

Mayors of the province will meet next Tuesday 14 in Valcheta to learn about and discuss public policies related to Green Hydrogen. They will arrive to the city invited by Governor Arabela Carreras.

Fecha: 12 de junio de 2022
Governor Carreras sent the invitation to the mayors.Crédito: Government of Río Negro

Daniel Sanguinetti, Secretary of State for Planning, will take part in the event and address the topic that proposes a new productive matrix for Río Negro.

In this unprecedented event, the Secretary will present advances and all the updated data regarding the project for the production and development of Green Hydrogen, and the setting up of a production plant in the area of Sierra Grande.

In addition, they will address the presentation of Rio Negro in the Global Assembly and Exhibition of Green Hydrogen 2022 that took place in Barcelona, where the province explained its Green Hydrogen project as a development opportunity to the world.

They also will discuss about the National Hydrogen Meeting that took place a few days ago in Bariloche, emphasizing the commitment and importance of working on a national law to promote the production of Green Hydrogen in Argentina.

Finally, they will analyze the advantages and benefits of the new institute of Green Hydrogen and the university diploma on climate change, energy transition and green hydrogen that will be taught at the National University of Rio Negro.

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