Gobierno de rio negro
Green Hydrogen

Climate change: Río Negro contributes to the fulfillment of Argentina's goals

The Governor, Arabela Carreras, was invited to a bilateral meeting by the president of the Green Hydrogen Organization, Malcom Turnbull, also a member of H2V 2022 Global Assembly and Exhibition, where she presented her views on the world scenario, climate change and how the production of green hydrogen is a transformative energy to combat global warming.

Fecha: 17 de mayo de 2022
Governor Carreras explained her views on climate change and the production of green hydrogenCrédito: Government of Río Negro

The Governor also presented the Provincial Strategic Plan on Clean Energy from the production and use of green hydrogen and explained to Turnbull what Rio Negro's approach is to ensure that the implementation of green hydrogen production takes place as soon as possible, with a proper application for all those involved, including developing sectors and those dependent on emerging economies.

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